Intellecta is an independent knowledge company

​Intellecta is an independent knowledge company and was founded in 2000. The company has since then worked with executives to increase performance, improve operations and management in various companies and organisations.

Our services


We pride ourselves in creating value for our customers by strive to create value for our customers, therefore, we approach the tasks in a systematic manner and apply the knowledge necessary to solve projects. With a clear vision, perseverance and active participation of all employees, business executives can create the edge needed to succeed.

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Careful and effective hiring process is important and influences the image of each organization. Our goal is to find individuals who have the education, experience, and talent to excel in their work, as well as having a personality that fits well into their environment and circumstances.

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One of the main challenges facing managers is to make sure the organization has the to the skills and knowledge that support success in the work of their employess. We offer custom and general training courses in digital format that can be delivered into the educational systems of organizations. We also provide coaching and managerial training to strengthen managers.

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The management of each company is required to know each business's operations and the reality in which the company operates, whether it is employee attitudes, customer attitudes, market developments, or other aspects of the external or internal environment. Targeted research is the foundation for supporting decisions and actions that help businesses succeed.

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Intellecta's Beacon

In order to solve the most difficult problems we need the best people. We work systematically in order to create value for our customers. Our advice and work is their benefit. Although the truth may be sore, it is our role to bring it to the attention of our customers.

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