About us

Intellecta was founded in 2000. The company has since then worked with executives to increase performance, improve operations and management in various companies and organisations.

Intellecta is a trusted partner

Intellecta is an independent knowledge company and operates in three main areas

  • Consultancy:  Strategy, governance , change management , management training , human resource management, performance pay systems , project management and process analysis

  • Recruitment: Executive search , recruitment , personality assessment, aptitude testing and work tasks , job analysis , contracts and project related assistance in human resource management

  • Research: Wage surveys, employee surveys, workplace assessments and equal pay analysis

​Intellecta consultants have a strong professional background and extensive international experience. We use this base in collaboration with customers to develop ideas relevant to the implementation of solutions that deliver results.

You can find Intellecta on social media, Facebook and Linkedin.

Einar Þór Bjarnason

Guðmundur Arnar Þórðarson

Guðni B. Guðnason

Kristján B. Einarsson

Thelma Kristín Kvaran

Torfi Markússon