Employees are the key to success in business

Intellecta specializes in the recruitment of managers and professionals to companies and institutions. The success of companies depends largely on the knowledge and skills of workers and it is important that recruitment is professionally processed. Each recruitment is an important investment and to be successful it should benefit both the company and the person.

Meticulous recruitment process is important for the image of each organization. Intellecta’s consultants have extensive experience in the recruitment of managers and professionals and good knowledge of the Icelandic labor market. Our aim is to find individuals who have the education, experience and skills in order to excel in the job and a personality that fits well the desired environment and conditions.

In our database, we have a list of qualified individuals who are willing to take on the various tasks. First, we analyse the request for recruitment, responsibilities and qualifications. Second, we analyse the needs of the employer and compare with the background and the wishes of the applicants. We focus on understanding the business of the company (our client) in order to solve successfully the projects with which we are entrusted. We handle all information with utmost confidentiality.

Intellecta’s consultants strive to find the “right” person for the client.

Other services related to recruitment:
Preparing job descriptions and employment contracts
Administering and interpretation of personality test
Assessment centers, role play and realistic job assignments
Writing of reports in order to substantiate hiring decisions in the public sector
Executive search (headhunting)
Human Resource Consulting
Management consultants, operations etc.
Consulting regarding retirement issues

Torfi Markússon

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Þórður S. Óskarsson

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Hafdís Ósk Pétursdóttir

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Thelma Kristín Kvaran

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